Here is a list of The Best Learning Sites, Educational YouTube Channels for Preschool. These content-rich sites would serve as a reliable go-to destination for your kids all year round. #educationalresources #learningresources

Introduction to Learning Sites for Preschool

Are you on the hunt for links to Learning Sites for preschool that you can use in the classroom or for home learning? There are many such sites circulating on the Internet which can be rather overwhelming. Therefore, I’ve decided to consolidate a list of these sites for easy reference so that you can save time and pick out the ones that are relevant to you. Do check out the extensive list below. Be sure to read on for the list of Best YouTube preschool channels (2021)!

Personally, I’ve used some of these Learning and Educational Resources sites and may decide to review the products and services offered on these platforms. Most importantly, these content-rich sites would serve as a reliable go-to destination for your kids all year round.

The resources here are suitable and applicable for kids of different ages (0 – 12) although more focus will be on early learning and toddlers. These sites will help them to pick up new skills and build solid foundations in maths, science, and reading. Some sites may offer free printables, videos/books/games, and activities that your child will enjoy.

How to use the search bar and table below

You can scroll through the table below and check out the descriptions of what each site has to offer. In fact, the type of services, location preferences, and reviews (if applicable) have also been included in the table.

Ideally, I would occasionally update this list of links to Learning and Educational Resources hence do check back regularly or bookmark this page. To add on, do check out the Youtube channel listing below for more education channels! Most importantly, I hope you have fun browsing the sites and find something useful!

If you’re looking for other toddler activity ideas, you can visit the site’s section on Toddler Activity Ideas.

Links to Online Education Sites

List of YouTube Channels

Here is a list of The Best YouTube Channels for Preschool. We have researched on some great YouTube channels for preschoolers which consists of educational channels, cartoons, shows and songs. #youtubekidschannel #youtubekids

Other YouTube Channels for older kids

  1. Crash Course Kids
  2. Science Channel
  3. SciShow Kids
  4. National  Geographic Kids
  5. Free School
  6. Geography Focus
  7. TheBrainScoop
  8. SciShow
  9. Kids Learning Tube
  10. Geeek Gurl Diaries
  11. Mike Likes Science
  12. Science Max
  13. SoulPancake
  14. APPS for KIDS
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