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(Last Updated On: June 9, 2022)


To mark the beginning of a new year, we wanted to share a preview of one of our mini calendars titled “Fun with animals”. This is a 2022 calendar printable wall poster that can be printed out instantly and display on your wall or kids room.

About “Fun with Animals” Mini Desktop Calendar

The original calendar was designed to be a pocket-sized (A6/4R photo) calendar that can be conveniently brought around or displayed in a room as a wall or desk calendar. It is suitable for both kids and adults with cute animals doing various activities throughout the year and seasons. You can use it to plan important dates or as classroom decoration or kids’ room decoration.


Download a free 2022 printable wall poster calendar “Fun with Animals” here!

2022/23 Mini Desktop Calendars

These mini calendars are bright and cheery and decorative for your space. They are suited for both kids and family.

Undated Calendars

We also have other undated calendars and planners such as the Seasons Habit Tracker Calendar which comes in both printable pdf and digital planner versions.

Coloring Calendars (Early Learning)

These coloring calendars for Early Learners are easy to maintain and re-use.


For other freebies for kids, visit our section on Toddler Activity Ideas: free printables here.

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