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(Last Updated On: September 5, 2022)
free kindergarten worksheets kids simple sudoku with solution 001

How to play Simple Sudoku for young kids?

Simple Sudoku is extremely easy to work with for young kids from ages 2 and above. Continue reading to download free Sudoku puzzle worksheets for preschoolers.

Sudoku puzzles are also known as number squares. They can help develop your child’s logic, reasoning skills and concentration.

They can be used for early learning and brain training and most of all they are fun and addictive!

Simply download the free printable and for each puzzle cut out the boxes below.

The objective is to place the objects in the empty squares so that each row, column or diagonal line contains the same object only once.

You can use these Sudoku worksheets as a classroom or homeschool activity.

Please take note of our Terms of Use when downloading this worksheet.

Download Free Sudoku puzzles with Solution/Answer Key!

You can download the free simple sudoku puzzles (with 5 puzzles and answer key) here.

If you’re looking for other toddler activity ideas, you can visit the site’s section on Toddler Activity Ideas.

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