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Gabby Dollhouse just recently released in 2021, is a cat-themed real-life/animated trending Netflix TV series for kids with now 4 Seasons in total. This series premiered in Jan 2021. Each episodes is about 20 min in length. It is created by the creator of Blues Clues. 

This Netflix TV series for kids is an adventure for preschoolers as the show takes them through a fantastic journey through a dollhouse of worlds and cute kitty characters. From Art & craft projects, baking recipes to magical adventures, Gabby’s Dollhouse does a great job to keep kids engaged and entertained throughout each episode. Although the theme sounds more suitable for girls revolving around girls stuff, boys enjoy watching it too!

Here’s the Netflix Official website for Gabby’s Dollhouse which contains the trailers and episodes: Gabby’s Dollhouse | Netflix Official Site

Just trivia stuff, you can load the quiz here to randomly generate one of these cute Gabby Dollhouse characters.

Links to Gabby Dollhouse Free Printables and Craft Activities/Recipes

You can also access some Gabby Dollhouse FREE Printable Art & Craft activities at these blogs.

Enjoy These Printables, Crafts, and Recipes Inspired by Gabby’s Dollhouse – SKGaleana

Free Printable Gabby’s Dollhouse Activities – Money Saving Parent

Gabby Dollhouse Games & Cats (Free to Download, No advertisements!)

Gabby Dollhouse Games & Cats has many interactive mini games for preschoolers

Gabby Dollhouse has a game app that you can download for free on both Android or IPhone/Ipad! It is available globally in 14 languages and the best thing about it is doesn’t have advertisements! It is suitable for kids ages 4 and up.

With lots of mini games to keep kids entertained, we do recommend this app for preschoolers and toddlers as it’s a very engaging game for Gabby Dollhouse lovers!

Kids can choose different sections of Gabby’s Dollhouse to engage in multiple games, drag and drop things and characters around. They can even take selfies with Gabby Dollhouse characters and props in it!

Links to download the app:

Gabbys Dollhouse: Games & Cats – Apps on Google Play

Gabbys Dollhouse:Create & Play on the App Store (

Gabby Dollhouse Character Quiz

Mercat Gabby Dollhouse – From testname quiz link by Manuela Cabrera Cruz


Every episode has a positive and inspirational message. Not only does it teaches children to love themselves, instill creativity and teamwork, it also teaches kids mindfulness and self care.

Gabby’s Dollhouse is CAT-tastic! This is overall a really cute and bubbly Netflix TV series for kids. We would recommend it for girl toddlers and even boys because of the interesting theme and characters in this show. There’re enough episodes to loop through that should keep your little ones attention for a while.

What is the best cartoon show for kids on Netflix? Share your comments below!

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Review for Gabby's Dollhouse Season 1 Netflix TV series for kids

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