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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2023)
Reward Good Behavior spring time Easter Bunny theme Free printable download 002

Reward Good Behavior During Easter (Free Reward Chart)


Welcome springtime and Easter celebrations with this bright and cheerful Easter Bunny Reward Chart for kids. We know how kids’ eyes always light up when they hear that they will receive some kind of reward for their good behavior.

But before you accede to your child’s persistent requests to buy that new toy or do something – consider using a reward chart to encourage good habits and behavior for your child to work towards a goal.

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Multipurpose Reward Chart

Reward charts have so many uses. You can use it for behavior training, potty training, to reward good habits and behavioral management.

Display it on a wall or in exercise books, and proceed to reward positive behavior with stickers, stamps, or smiley faces. When the child reaches the target, you can then reward them with a prize!

Why do kids need a reward chart?

This simple reward chart for kids can be used to track your child’s progress while rewarding them for positive behavior. This reward chart is effective at home or in a classroom setting.

Behavior charts such as this can improve children’s behavior by positively reinforcing their good behavior and habits to receive more rewards.

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Reward Good Behavior spring time Easter Bunny theme Free printable download 003
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Other Reward Ideas for Kids

This reward chore chart can display a weekly visual schedule with routine cards to motivate good habits and behavior for kids with stickers or stamps.

Personalised Kids Weekly Chore Chart Visual Schedule with Sticker Rewards for Behavior Training PDF
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