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(Last Updated On: May 31, 2022)

Why Do We Need Classroom and Homeschool Rules? Get A Free Classroom Rules Template To Implement Them Now!


In this article, we would like to share the importance of classroom rules or homeschool rules.

Read on below to get a free download of a rules template for classroom use which is a handy document to have. Rule templates can be used in the classroom or homeschool setting and from pre-k level onwards till elementary school.

Why are classroom rules important?

We should definitely implement rules whenever possible whether at home or in school.

Here is a quick summary of the importance of setting rules for kids in a classroom setting.

  1. It helps to create an ideal nurturing environment where everyone is kind and learn to respect each other.
  2. It helps children feel safe, valued and to learn to keep their behaviour under control.
  3. It is a constant reminder to students of what is expected from them.
  4. It is easy for teachers to refer to when students need guidance in activities.
  5. Clear and consistent rules will motivate the class to be committed towards common goals.

Now to further elaborate on the importance of setting rules starting from a preschool level. It encourages positive behavior, keeps the classroom manageable, and is definitely a great addition to early learning!

Preschool children will encounter rules and instructions to follow throughout their school lives and establishing rules is a great way to get them to understand the concept.

How do you use the Classroom Rules template?

Use the classroom rules template as an introduction to classroom rules.

It can be printed out and displayed on walls, bulletin boards, or your preferred display area.

Classroom Management Tips

Use the classroom rules template as an introduction to classroom rules. When setting rules, it is important to set realistic goals depending on the level of the students. Setting rules will help you to establish a benchmark in your classroom and make classroom management easier. It can also be paired with a rewards system when students accomplish good behaviour.

For nursery or pre-k children it may take more time to adjust to classroom rules but it is still a good starting point.

For older kids, gather the class together and discuss your rules and see whether you need to adjust them. It can be used as discussion pointers with your class.

Having established rules will help you to manage behavior in your children as well as create a positive space for them to learn and grow.

Download the free rules template

You can download the free Classroom standard rules template here.

Links to other Classroom rules template

We offer other variations of classroom/homeschool rules templates that can be easily editable in Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free version). They are available in A4 and A5 sizes depending on your display needs.


It’s never too late to start setting rules for homeschool or classroom use! In fact, it is better to set rules at the start of the school term. Start enforcing them on the very first day of school.

Rules encourage communication, cooperation, and positivity in the classroom. It is an important way to add some structure It is a great way to enforce positive behavior and friendship.

What are some important rules to establish for kids? Share them in the comments section below!

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